refresher course

We provide flexible schedules and pickup service is provided. Each lesson is one hour and thirty minutes long each lesson costs $80 plus tax.  

Discounts are available please call us directly for more information on our discounts. 


*Payments included 6.25 % Tax and they are non-refundable

Our adult refresher course is great for adults who are looking to renew their license or those who have not driven in a while. This course is also suitable for licensed drivers from other countries that are not used to driving on the right side of the street. This course very helpful for students who need professional instruction on merging, parking, and expressway driving.

When the person in your care is showing signs that their driving may create a danger to them or to others, the solution may just be a matter of taking a refresher driving course. This can be a good way for older and more senior drivers to polish their driving skills and to make sure they are current with the current driving safety regulations.

Refresher courses are a great way to educate adults especially our older adults the ways aging can affect their driving skills over time. We help them to adapt to these changes so they can drive safely and with more confidence.