I could not do what I do without the passion that comes with it. As a teacher I participate in peoples lives and help create who they will become tomorrow.

Mr. Tadeusz Glowacki
Teacher of IDS

I love my job and the people that I meet. I get paid to help others overcome their fear of driving. Knowing that I am doing my part in making sure that there are better drivers on the road is surreal.

Ms. Dominga Perez
Teacher of IDS

our instructors

I enjoy knowing that IDS is making a difference in the community by providing professional training at minimal cost. Becoming a green driving school was an easy choice to make.

Mr. Andrew Danek
Owner and Teacher of IDS

The experience of watching someone get their driver's license for the first time is amazing. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and to know I'm a part of that process is priceless.

Mr. Harvey Young
Teacher of IDS

I'm a people person and love my job and meaningfulness that comes along with it. I enjoy instructing IDS's Teen Program being a mentor to our youth and helping them be the best they can be.

Mr. Randy Zietara
Teacher of IDS