The BTW Only Teem program is for a those teens students who have already completed the 30hrs of classroom of Driver's Ed with another school. We offer 6 hours of Behind the Wheel driving and 6 hours of observation for $280.00. For the observation, your teen will be paired will another teen or an adult instructor to complete the program according to the requirements of the Secretary of State. If you prefer your teen to have more behind the wheel driving instruction, we also offer BTW with 8 hours behind the wheel and no observation for $385.00 this choice also meets the requirements of the Secretary of State for completion with the Teen Driving Program.

The following is required before driving can start or a completion entered for your teen:

  • Valid Learners Permit: If you do not have a permit to start the program you must come to our office located at 3750 W Irving Park Rd. in order to get the necessary paperwork to obtain one from the Secretary of State.
  • Certificate of Achievement: A copy of the driver’s education certificate from your high school that show you passed 30 Hrs. of classroom or an official transcript from the school that shows you passed drivers ed.  
  • Approval Form: You can access the approval form here, the form must be completed, signed and dated by the student, parent and school.  If you have any questions about this process please give us a call directly.

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Teen Program - Behind the Wheel (BTW) Only
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Teens may learn to drive if they are between the age 15 - 17 years old. Teens must take 30 hours of classroom, 6 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. Pickup and drop-off is provided during the drive appointments (ONLY).  Students receive permits within 7days of starting the class. The cost of our teen program is $350 for the entire course. Teen class with 30 hours of classroom and 8 hours of BTW (Behind the Wheel) and no observation $446.00.

Classes are held typically on the first Monday of each month at 3750 W Irving Park Rd, Monday thru Thursday from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please check the Teen registration page for upcoming dates or changes for the Teen Class

Discounts are available to use towards the cost of the teen class during off peek months by checking out our FaceBook page. Please signup and register your teens for class today and you can save on the cost of class fees.

*** Promo codes for are not valid during the peek month for the Teen Class for the months of June, July and August due to the size of the class***

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